Why buy Organic?

We use as many organic ingredients as possible...not only because they taste better but also because we know that it's healthier for us and for our environment. More reasons to buy...

Why Gluten Free?

Glutens are known allergens. It's important for us to be able to make tasty, meaty treats that dogs and cats who have gluten and/or wheat sensitivities will LOVE... more...

Where you'll Find Our Products

Our products are found at pet stores across Canada. To find a retailer near you click here..

Why Gluten Free?

Glutens are known allergens. Its important for us to be able to create tasty, meaty treats that pets with allergies or other sensitivities will love. That is why we have created a wide variety of wheat/gluten and/or grain-free treats. In addition, our use novel protein sources and limited ingredients in all our treats help decrease the likelihood of an allergic reaction. We all want to give our pets treats that they want to eat and that we enjoy giving them...selecting the right Feelgood treat for your pet ensures that they can enjoy great tasting treats and enjoy treats that are good for them. Why settle for one or the other? With Feelgood treats, your pet can have it all!



"While we feel strongly that a dog’s treats should not undermine the positive effects of a superior diet, it’s over-rigid to insist that a treat should display every characteristic of a great dog food."

"However, a treat that is formulated just like dog food may be no more tempting and delicious than his dog food; he might be happy enough to get it, but it’s not going to make him turn cartwheels. And turning cartwheels is really what feeding treats is all about."
"Experienced positive trainers suggest that you use “high-value” treats when training your dog – especially when teaching new behaviours. These are treats that are particularly odoriferous and delectable, treats that absolutely inspire a dog to think about what his handler wants him to do. While a few chowhounds out there will turn cartwheels for ordinary kibble, most dogs need a little more to really motivate them to work hard . . . and that might mean a little more fat, a little more smelly stuff..."Nancy Kerns, Whole Dog Journal